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Recommended holding period

The recommended (or minimum) holding period is a legally required item of information to be included in the KIID. For investment funds of Erste Asset Management it derives directly from the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI indicated in the KIID.

  • SRRI of 1 or 2 (volatility according to KIID Regulation < 2.0% p.a.): recommended holding period: two years minimum
  • SRRI of 3 to 6 (volatility according to KIID Regulation >= 2.0% p.a. and < 25.0% p.a.): recommended holding period: six years minimum
  • SRRI of 7 (volatility according to KIID Regulation >= 25.0% p.a.): recommended holding period: eight years minimum

This means that a longer holding period is recommended for a fund when the risk increases. It is crucial to understand that the SRRI and the holding period alone do not suffice for a complete picture of any possible risks. They always need to be looked at together with the prospectus, the “Information for investors pursuant to Article 21 AIFMG” and the KIID.

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